Our Credentials

S. No.
Name of Prod. Unit of Indian Railway's
Category of Approval
Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi
Diesel Loco Modernization Works, Patiala
(a) Bogie Frame of Diesel Loco WDG3A, & WDM3D, WDG4 & WDG-5
(b)Main Base, Oil Pan GM Turbo Support etc.
(c) Large Fixture, Welding Manipulator for Cyl Block, Under Frame etc.
Part 'I' from RDSO
Category 'A' from DLW
Category 'A' from DLW
Chitranjan Locomotive Works, Chitranjan
Bogie Frame of Electric Loco
(a) WAG-9/WAP-7/WAG9-H
(b) WAG-7
Part 'I' from CLW
Part 'I' from RDSO
Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala
Integral Coach Factory, Chennai
Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli
(a) FIAT Bogie Frame for LHB Coaches
(b) AC/DC EMU Bogie Frame for Coaches
(c) Conventional & MRVC Bogie Frame for Coaches
Regular Source (Part-I) from RCF/KXH
Part-I from ICF Chennai and RCF/KXH
RITES, Expotech
Bogie Frames for their export locomotives to various countries - Mozambique, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Malaysia etc.
Part-I from RDSO